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Our Mission

At EliteTraders, our mission is twofold: to empower traders with institutional-grade insights, top-tier education, and professional market approaches, while fostering a vibrant community that facilitates meaningful connections and collaborations among like-minded individuals. Join us on the journey to elevate your trading experience at EliteTraders. Join The #1 Voted Trading Discord Today!

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Our Long Term Proven Success Puts us as Industry Leaders
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Bank Reports
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Real Professional Traders
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24/7 Active Community
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Real Trading Education
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No Access To Bank Reports
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Useless Recycled Education

What's in The #1 Voted Trading Discord?

24/7 Community Chat Rooms

Our chatrooms are active and running 24 hours 7 days a week to ensure you can be involved with our community!

Educational Videos & PDFs

We have dedicated channels to educational videos and PDFs. We are a wealth of topics from in-depth economics, to price action to our proprietary strategies.

Daily Bank Reports

We are sent bank reports every day by the biggest financial institutions which we share with you at no extra charge, directly inside Discord to give you access to the highest level of market insights!

24/5 Support

We have a dedicated support account always active to attend to any problems you may face for account issues or general service questions.

Daily Webinars

Webinars are hosted on a daily basis, some are pre-recorded and some are live. Giving everyone a fair chance to access them and learn!

Trade Signals

See how our professional traders approach the markets with their trade ideas. These include data collected for the positions and anything else that backs up the trade along with a well written and structured trade thesis for you to learn and profit from.

Pricing Plans

3 day free trial!
  • Detailed Trade Signals
  • Economic Breakdowns
  • Chat with our Members around the world
  • Premarket brainstorming Ideas
  • Access To our Educational Content
  • Live Webinar Trading & Market Analysis
  • Access to Daily Bank reports
  • Support Team Available 24/5
  • Bonus: Exclusive Giveaways
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  • Everything Monthly
  • GoldenGates Algorithm
  • 1:1 Calls with our professional traders
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What our customers say

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If you're willing to make money and learn to do it yourself in trading, EliteTraders is what you seek. Top quality education and signals.Fast responses from experienced traders who will give you feedback and answers on your trades and questions.You won't find a more honest group than EliteTraders.

EliteTraders Monthly Member

I've been with Elite for several years! I am very serious when I say " the knowledge and the community of traders they have can and will elevate you to ELITE status in your journey for financial freedom"

Miami Eight Eight
EliteTraders Monthly Member

EliteTraders are the best signal service in the game! They educate you. They also give you in depth analysis on the trades they send out so you can feel more confident knowing why you’re buying/selling whatever the pair may be.They are the truth behind trading!

EliteTraders Monthly Member

I like how these guys not only send signals but also share why they took the trade, we get both technical and fundamental analysis, bank reports, live zoom calls and much more.

EliteTraders Monthly Member

Perfect place to make money and learn at the same time. Quality service! Fast responses! The value is worth way more they are charging.

Turan Hinds
EliteTraders Monthly Member

If you want to take your trading experience to another level then Elite traders is what you are looking for. Lots of webinars, educational videos, bank reports to dive in to and that’s what trading is all about. No guru stories, no nonsense. I’m happy to be part of this team! So if you really want it? And you’re really interested in how markets work? Then join us! 🙏

EliteTraders Lifetime Member

An Assortment of Features Are Waiting For You...

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Community Chats

Join our community chats and network with other traders from all backgrounds and experience levels. Share ideas, give feedback and ask questions!

Educational Content

Learn from our professional grade educational videos, PDFs, bank reports and economics!

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See how our professional traders approach the markets with well structured trade thesis' for you to learn and follow and profit from!
(Forex, Commodities, Stocks and Equities)

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Meet Our Team

James Lane

With five years of experience, James excels in trading currencies and equities, focusing on day trading with his personally crafted algorithm. He founded EliteTraders in 2017 with the goal of bringing real, true education to the trading space.


Bringing over 7 years of expertise as a Commodities Analyst and Trader, Gaby offers a dynamic approach to financial markets, specializing in commodities and FX EM. Beyond analysis and trading, actively contribute to knowledge-sharing with a keen focus on a multi-asset vision

Jack Day
Marketing & Support

With three years of experience navigating the ever-evolving digital landscape, Jack thrives in the realm of social media marketing. He wields a Level 2 Social Media Marketing qualification and a keen eye for trends, developing engaging content that resonates with audiences and fuels brand growth.

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Read our most commonly asked questions

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Is this mentorship or signals?

Well, neither and both. we do not provide signals, rather we send our trade ideas with professionally written thesis' to provide you real information to generate your own ideas. We also provide a wealth of educational content for you to learn from. We are an all in one service to give you the best resource possible.

Can I cancel?

Yes, you can cancel anytime. We run all our payments through so if you would like to cancel your account you will need to login and cancel. Once you cancel, your account will automatically be stopped.

Why didn't I get the Discord role?

As we use to run the Discord and payments integration if you signed up to Whop using your email and not your Discord account, it doesn't have a Discord account to assign the correct role. You can either re-sign up or add your Discord account inside your Whop account.

Is the server active & friendly?

Yes, the server has over 1,000 members with daily active conversations. We have a strict rule of no shaming others, discrimination and more. Our members are all great people with bright ideas and good intentions. All trading styles, personalities and ideas are welcomed.

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